Jesus on the Practice of Divine Yoga

February 19, 2016
[This is an excerpt from just-published novel "Kill Jesus: The Shocking Return of the Chosen One." In this excerpt, Jack Cohen, Jesus 2.0 is sermonizing on Divine Yoga. The book is available in paperback and Kindle at]

Mother Mary’s temple was packed, wall to wall, while an estimated thirty million viewers tuned in to the live webcast. Jack greeted the yogis with a warm “Namaste,” then laid the groundwork for the evening’s sermon. While he normally kept politics out of his spiritual talks, on this occasion he felt moved to use the full moon’s energy as a springboard… Read the full article

Kill Jesus: My Spiritual Dharma in a Fictional Context

January 27, 2016
My just-published novel, "Kill Jesus: The Shocking Return of the Chosen One" is not just a wild, page-turning thriller, it is also a medium through which I elaborate my spiritual Dharma. Moreover, my Dharma is not just philosophically elaborated in this book, it is also dramatically explicated through the story itself.

If you want to gain a better understanding of my spiritual teachings (and sociopolitical ones as well) while at the same time enjoying a wildly entertaining story, then you will for sure want to get this book.Read the full article

An Esoteric Consideration of the Power of Now

January 21, 2016
[This is a yet unedited excerpt from my forthcoming book "The Power of Now Meditation Guide." More articles like this one are available at my blog -- -- and in my book "Beyond the Power of Now."]

Q: How does the Power of Now relate to Kundalini energy?

A: The Power of Now is Kundalini energy. As the “lower” Kundalini, it functions as awakened cosmic energy or prana-shakti. Although this energy can be felt as a “churning in the nadis” (one’s subtle-body network of pranic channels), it is most intensely experienced as a rising, or upward polarized, force-flow along… Read the full article

Devotion Versus Gnosis

January 10, 2016
[This is an excerpt from the book I'm now working on -- "The Power of Now Meditation Guide."]

Q: In The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle never considers a devotional, or bhakti, approach to the Power of Now. Do you think this approach is as effective as a gnostic, or jnana, approach?

A: It depends on the individual. In the case of most individuals, I believe that a devotional approach is more effective. But because Eckhart Tolle is fundamentally a New Age guru – and devotion is anathema to New Agers – he doesn’t consider this approach.

The goal of… Read the full article

Repetitive Prayer and Mantra Meditation

December 20, 2015
[This is an excerpt from my book "Electrical Christianity: A Revolutionary Guide to Jesus' Teachings and Spiritual Enlightenment." The excerpt pertains to repetitive prayer and mantra meditation, which are ideal spiritual practices for disciples who have yet to "graduate" to the level of infused contemplation, wherein one directly communes with Divine Shakti, the Holy Spirit.]

Q: I am unable to get to the level of infused contemplation. What type of acquired contemplation do you recommend?

A: Anyone who finds himself incapable of developing an empowered practice of Holy Communion should experiment with repetitive prayer and/or mantra meditation. I recommend two… Read the full article

Levels of Grace in Kashmir Shaivism

November 15, 2015
[This is an excerpt from a meditation text I'm working on.]

Shaktipat (or Saktipata) is the Sanskrit term for the descent of Divine Power, or Grace (Anugraha). This Divine Power is the Power of Now, the Holy Spirit. The goal of Power of Now Meditation is the same as that of Shaktipat Yoga: to receive a progressively greater, or more intense, down-flow of Divine Power, to the degree that one’s consciousness unites with it, thereby “producin...g,” or unveiling, a State of nondual, or integral, Consciousness-Power, termed Siva-Shakti in the Indic tantric traditions.

In Kashmir Shaivism, the foremost Indic … Read the full article

My Amazon Reviews of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

November 1, 2015
I was introduced to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali forty-plus years ago by my first yoga teacher, John R. Logan. I remember reading three versions of the Yoga Sutras at that time – Swami Vivekananda’s, Charles Johnston’s, and Christopher Isherwood and Prabhavanda’s. I eventually taught Patanjali’s “Classical” yoga, and recently read several more versions of this yoga teaching. Even though I’m not a big fan of the Yoga Sutras, I think it’s important for serious students of meditation to familiarize themselves with this teaching because it provides unique information and insights on consciousness and mind in the Self-realization project.

To… Read the full article

Bonpo Dzogchen Versus Electrical (or Esoteric Mystical) Christianity

October 20, 2015
Tibetan Dzogchen is not limited to Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen. The Bon spiritual tradition in Tibet also developed their own version of Dzogchen teachings, which, unsurprisingly, are not very different from the Buddhist versions. The foremost living exponent of Bon (or Bonpo) Dzogchen is Tenzin Wangyal. I’m going to quote a description of Bonpo Dzogchen from Wangyal’s book “Wonders of the Natural Mind” (see my three-star Amazon review), and then briefly compare it to my Electrical Christianity teaching.

Writes Wangyal:

“According to the Dzogchen teaching, the essence (ngo bo) of the base of everything (kunzhi) is empty (ston pa nyid) and… Read the full article