Jesus on the Practice of Divine Yoga

by L. Ron Gardner on February 19, 2016

[This is an excerpt from just-published novel "Kill Jesus: The Shocking Return of the Chosen One." In this excerpt, Jack Cohen, Jesus 2.0 is sermonizing on Divine Yoga. The book is available in paperback and Kindle at]

Mother Mary’s temple was packed, wall to wall, while an estimated thirty million viewers tuned in to the live webcast. Jack greeted the yogis with a warm “Namaste,” then laid the groundwork for the evening’s sermon. While he normally kept politics out of his spiritual talks, on this occasion he felt moved to use the full moon’s energy as a springboard to launch his “Jihad,” his Divinely Ordained revolution.

“I am the World Teacher, the Chosen One,” he began. “I am here to lead mankind from darkness to Light. But this metamorphosis will not come about without Holy Warfare.

“In the Hindu Yoga Bible, The Bhagavad Gita (which means ‘Song of God’), Lord Krishna, an Avatar in the vein of Jesus and the Buddha, instructs Arjuna, an ardent but confused Truth-seeker, how to attain eternal peace and happiness in the midst of his hellish world of fratricidal warfare. Lord Krishna describes various types of yoga available to Arjuna (and other Truth-seekers), then points him to the highest yoga: Divine Yoga. And he summarizes this yoga thusly: ‘Set your mind on Me and fight.’

“In other words, according to Krishna, the ultimate yoga — yoking oneself with God — is not just a passive resignation to the Supreme’s Will, but a battle royale. Moreover, as life itself is warfare, Krishna informs Arjuna that a spiritual warrior must engage in this battle, with his mind unwaveringly focused on Him, the Divine Person.

“The Bhagavad Gita doesn’t provide specifics about the practice of Divine Yoga… but I will,” Jack continued. “Di-vine Yoga is simply, and only, the practice of uniting the ‘vine’ of your individual soul (or consciousness) with the ‘vine’ of universal Spirit (or Energy). Once this union is consummated, your divinized (or en-Light-ened) individual consciousness spontaneously realizes itself as timeless, universal Consciousness (or Awareness) and unborn, dynamic, Energy (or Power). The ‘Me’ of both Krishna and me is this timeless, universal Consciousness-Energy. Once you permanently unite your consciousness with Spirit, it will also be the ‘Me’ of you.

“Divine Communion is the spiritual practice that most directly leads to Divine Union. Consciously communing with, and receiving, Spirit-power (or Light-energy) eventually (in this, or a future, lifetime) results in Divine Union.

“Hence, Divine, or Holy, Communion is the yoga that I teach.

“The doorway to Spirit-power (or Light-energy) is the void. Simply, whole-bodily be in direct, immediate relationship to the empty space in front of you. Relationship = presence + oneness = plugged-in presence = maximal conscious force.

“When your conscious relationship to empty space is sufficiently locked in, sufficiently unobstructed and intense, then empty space ‘dances,’ and Spirit-power, Divine Shakti, is poured upon you.
"When you experience waves of Light-energy crashing down on you, simply remain in relationship to the radiant Influx and allow it to irradiate, or en-Light-en, you. Communion is simply sustained relationship, and it is these Grace-waves of Light-energy that enable you to sustain your Divine connection.

“In order to achieve a locked-in relationship to the void and then Spirit, you must ‘fight.’ As soon as you notice yourself retracted, or retracting, from the asana, or ‘posture,’ of relationship, attempt to reassume your connection. Spiritual warfare is this willful, repeated effort to ‘position’ yourself to receive Grace, the descent of Divine Power. This down-pouring of Grace will not happen without an intense counter-effort to your egocentric tendency to retract from, or avoid, relationship to empty space and all that arises in it.

“The ego is not an entity; it is an activity, the activity of avoiding relationship — direct, immediate connectedness — to space, arising phenomena, and, ultimately, Divine Power itself. ‘Fight’ this egocentric activity, this resistance, and do the spiritual ‘work’ I recommend: the practice of Divine Communion.

“If, like many beginners, you find yourself unable to practice communion with the formless Divine, then simply contemplate my physical form,” Jack continued. “Simply be in direct, heart-felt relationship to my bodily-being. You can do this by gazing at photos of Me, or by watching live or taped videos of me on the Internet. My body is not an ordinary physical vehicle; its physics has been transformed by Light-energy. Therefore, when you behold Me in contemplation, you are not fixating on a gross material form — rather, you are beholding a Light-energy medium who is a doorway to the formless Other Side. At some point, you will ‘pass through’ my visible form to the invisible Spirit, which will cascade down upon you in waves of Grace. At that point it may seem as if I am a Divine Potentate bestowing Shakti upon you — but in reality, I am simply an unobstructed conduit to the Other Side. By consciously, openly entering my ‘Field of Influence,’ you have allowed yourself to receive the inflow of Holy Water that ceaselessly pours through Me.

“This discipline of focusing on the guru as a doorway to the Other Side is called ‘Guru Yoga.’ The same ‘mechanics’ that apply to formless Divine Communion apply to Guru Yoga; the only thing that has changed is the object of focus. Hence, if you practice Guru Yoga, as soon as you notice yourself retracted, or retracting, from direct, immediate relationship to Me, ‘fight’ to re-establish your connection.”

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